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ChiaShan Lee  李佳珊

<Untitles>, Newspaper, 83x260cm, 2014-2016

    My practice employs the handcrafting lace to explore the meaning of boundary, especially the line between Chinese immigrants and the western cultural. Expressing the difficulty of how they find their belonging and identity. 

   I created a light flexible patterned fence, the visible border dividing exterior and interior within an architectural space. This piece made of English newspaper; from the lines to the surface, the space is divided here and there but it can not stop light, wind and air to pass through. The air escapes through the meshes, and so the space is leaking through the mesh wall.This fence symbolises people go to the trouble of trying to build the boundary, however the boundary can not obstruct individual’s thought and mind. 

This work requires up to 5 months to complete. Spending countless hours repeating the same process, it is also the way of examining the value and the meaning of manual work. I also like the idea of lace because it is endless. the pattern elements of the lace repeat endlessly which is a continuously evolving structure.

My on-going flexible fence creates two space with the light—darkness and light. Shadow followed by the space, within this shadows create further rooms—leaving space for the imagination of the viewer.