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ChiaShan Lee  李佳珊

<The Space, Between>, Newspaper, installation 2014

  A site-responsive exhibition at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church.

  Back in time, the Crypt, which extends the whole length of the church, was designed and used for coffin burials. This peaceful place is still the final home of 557 people. Also in both World Wars, the Crypt was used as an air raid shelter.

Now, the area, the King cross station and the Euston station are the central London railway terminuses and they are two of the busiest railway stations in the UK.  

  This place is the London traffic centre, is one of the busiest space in the UK.

  This place is the final home of 557 people, is the space full of souls and spirits.

  During the World war I and II, this place is the refuge. People hided in the caves. The space existed between fear, hope, anxiety and uncertainty.

The space exists between things, between movements, between sounds, between patterns, words and people, whether in the form of physical emptiness or time or attitude.

  The space, we live in it. 

  This space inspired me that we build walls delineating the barrier between one space and another, measuring the distance between your space and my space. We feel inviolable inside our space, behind our solid walls. Yet, the wall is an unpredictable thing, a so-called threshold. What would happen if the wall began to collapse and somehow the space flowed in and out, the borderline redefined by inter-relationships.