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ChiaShan Lee  李佳珊



<Never Ending Story>

Installation and Performance, 

Newspaper, wool 2011-2012

Inspired by both the concept of information overload in contemporary society and the waste of resources associated to newspapers’ production (2.5 million tons of newspapers are produced and circulated each year in the U.K.) . To create my contemporary stories, I tried to interpret the current issues according to my own ideas from newspapers. I separated my story into five sections and I made an item for each section. I employed newspaper yarns as narrative material therefore letting viewers feel the charming meaning of the words in the newspaper and implying someone told stories.

Here is the story...


Once there was a man. He studied and worked hard owing to seeking so-called ‘wonderful future’. He thought that only if he earned a lot of money can he live a life with happiness.

Therefore, he lived under pressure. He busied himself with work…


One day he found by chance a magic lamp which can realize any wish he wants. However, when he makes a wish, 10 trees will be destroyed. It means therefore that one wish costs 10 trees. He thought ‘there are too many trees in the world. It is not a big deal if I just take some of them.’

One month passed. Two months passed.

One year passed. Two years passed.

He became lazier and lazier because he found that the magic lamp could help him do anything. He quit his job. He did not want to do anything but lie on the sofa.


One day, he wanted to make another wish, but…


Everything had vanished. His house was left in ashes! He quickly realised that everywhere was in a terrible mess! He had exhausted almost all the World’s natural resources!

 Section 4.

Suddenly he woke up!

‘Oh, it was only a dream’ he cried ‘But it seemed so real.’

‘Maybe it was not simply a dream’ he thought.

After this terrible nightmare, he decided to change his lifestyle. He tried to live an eco-friendly way of life.


Finally he found that he was truly happy. He never felt so relaxed and content. This lifestyle was the one he had been seeking …