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ChiaShan Lee  李佳珊

<The Belonging>, Newspaper, installation 2014

  My grandparents emigrated from China to Taiwan during the period of political chaos between China and Taiwan. Both of my grandfather and father were in the army. I was born and grew up in Taiwan until a few years ago when I moved out from my hometown Taipei, Taiwan to London. I am always interested and confused about my identity and wondering where is my belonging, especially after I met a group of Chinese immigrants. I found that I am not the only one who has this question.

  This installation work is called “Belonging “. Paper-crafts lotus are made into burnt offerings which is common in traditional Chinese religious practices including the veneration of the deceased, are also burned in traditional Chinese funerals, to ensure that the spirit of the deceased has lot of good things in the afterlife. In traditional Chinese culture we use Joss Paper, also known as Ghost paper to fold these paper crafts. But I use abnormal paper, daily english newspaper to fold these paper lotus. English newspaper is a metaphor of a life in western culture also a reflection of temporary stability and human’s short life.

I am trying to find my belonging and recall my memory by folding these lotus even though I don’t really believe religion. By following the Chinese custom I feel like I find the familiar “ home”. It is just like Chinese immigration built Chinatown in London and Liverpool. 

  I make several strings of paper lotus and hang them from the ceiling. They are movable and swivelled. I would like to invite viewer to walk into the installation. Walking the line between actual space and imaginary space, The shift between these two entitles, in the exterior and the interior. In the movement between the outside world and inner thought. The world in experienced in a state of motion, everything is in a state of flux. That which appears stable is temporary stability. Maybe my so-called homeland only exists in my memory in the era.

This work has exhibited at Scene art gallery, London 2014