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ChiaShan Lee  李佳珊


Invite all of you to join this project, Open this page


Traveling is like reading a novel, it is like finding inspiration through adventure. Traveling is also a way of identifying and understanding yourself of who you actually are.

Newspapers are a special type of material, which are full of emotions and messages. Through knitting, I would like to produce newspaper yarns in a number of different styles by incorporating a series of installations that I have designed.

I would like to invite the global travelers to send newspapers to me from all around the world. These newspapers, consisting memories of journeys and stories will create a new story, a fantastic and adventurous journey.

The viewer may not read the full articles in the newspapers, however I hope that people would find the meaning of the words that are used to report the daily news in the abstracts to find out which part of the global these headline stories come from.

Encourage us to open this page.

If you would like to help me for this project, please send one to two copies of local newspapers to:

Miss Chia Shan Lee

127 The Grampians

Shepherds Bush Road


United Kingdom

W6 7LZ

Thank you to all of you!!